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Search engine optimization has grown to be one of the central pillars in internet marketing. As a matter of fact, the role of search engines is increasingly taking the center stage as more and more people strategize on how to gain online visibility. Compared to the days past, the behavior of the internet players including search engines, internet marketers, and the target audience has shifted to bring in new dynamics that have influenced the significance of search engine ranking.

Sri Lanka has witnessed a deepening mobile penetration with lots of people using mobile gadgets to access websites, shop online and even do research before buying items. What this means for search engine optimization professionals is that their techniques need to be focused more on mobile optimization as they seek to enhance user experience. The search engine optimization engineers are working tirelessly to adopt advanced and structured data systems that allow search engine bots to crawl and understand websites just like humans.

As consumers in Sri Lanka and indeed the entire world look for convenience, voice search is likely to steal the show. Online users can now access websites much more efficiently and effectively while at the same time enjoying highly accurate offers and results.

A Dissection of SEO As a Discipline and Its Significance

Many business owners tend to have a one-sided knowledge of SEO only as a primary traffic generation strategy, oblivious of the fact that SEO can have a widespread impact on every nook and cranny of their businesses. Looking at the growth of SEO businesses in Sri Lanka, you can almost tell the significance this relatively new marketing frontier has on business performance.

Why Invest in SEO

Looking at the monies allocated for SEO in marketing companies and the prominence of search engine optimization in online marketing and branding, it would be foolhardy not to acknowledge the importance of this marketing tool. Using SEO, you can target the right kind of traffic which means chances of conversion are high.

When done well, search engine optimization can make it much easier for search engines such as Google to understand what your business and website is all about and therefore project a positive image of it online. With high visibility comes a great amount of traffic and exceptional results.

How to Do SEO Right in Sri Lanka

In order to reap the full benefits of search engine optimization for your business in Sri Lanka, there are certain components which must be factored into your SEO strategy.

Competitor and Market Research – Before venturing into a market, you must carry out an in-depth inspection and analysis of the political, social, economic, legal, environmental, and technological factors affecting it. Also, you must look at your competitors in order to position yourself for success.

Keyword Research – Knowing the search terms your customers use when checking out your business or similar businesses online can help you in structuring your content, page title and meta descriptions for your website.

Strategy Formulation and Execution – In order to improve the performance of your site, having a customized strategy is critical. SEO strategies normally target organic search and therefore they draw on the creativity and experience of your SEO consultant.

Content Development and Distribution – Content is no longer king, but has advanced to become the air that businesses breathe. With quality content, your business can attain exceptional online visibility and position you as an authority in your niche.

Onsite Optimization – As the term suggests, onsite optimization is the process by which you tweak structure and position certain elements such as meta descriptions, page titles as well as the content and internal linking on a website to boost its profile in the eyes of search engines. Ensure your content is always updated, broken links fixed, and social sharing buttons added to promote the distribution of the content.

SEO Pricing Models

SEO is priced depending on the items included in the package. The pricing can be project based, fixed, on a retainer basis or on hourly rates. The choice is yours as the client based on the budget you are operating within. It is also important to understand how SEO works because the results are not instant as some providers may want to make you believe. SEO takes time so you have to be patient.

The SEO process


This is done is two parts: market research and competitor research. An analysis of the industry trends, opportunities and threats is done through market research while competitor research involves the exploration of the strategies and tactics used by competitors.

Keyword research

This is an essential part of any SEO strategy. First, your potential customers and their online behavior should be studied. Thereafter, high quality content and meta data should be created, featuring appropriate keywords.

On-site optimization

This includes the tasks involving the optimization of a website’s pages. This is done after all the necessary page titles and meta descriptions are drafted. If needed, your web content would be updated and social sharing button are added.

Account management & Reporting

Once your campaign goals have been clearly communicated to an account manager, they brief their SEO team on how to proceed. When it comes to reporting, the focus is on the results of ranking and traffic.

Local SEO in Sri Lanka

If you are operating a local business whether a brick and mortar or online-based in Sri Lanka, one of the challenges you face is in gaining local visibility. There is a distinct divide between local SEO and the general global SEO because the former involves doing everything to ensure people searching for services or products in your locality find your business among the top on the search results.

In order to succeed in local search engine ranking and reap the benefits of local visibility, you must understand the factors that influence local SEO and the steps to take to optimize your local presence. The following are some of the must-do things in local SEO.

Local NAP citations – The name, address and phone number of your business must be on every page of your website and the details must be exact as those you mentioned on other sites.

Claiming Your Google My Business Page – Ensure you set up your Google My Business Page and include the correct categories describing your company, as many photos as possible, operating times, and get real reviews from your customers.

Local Reviews – These have a direct impact on how you rank locally and customers read them before deciding whether to do business with you or not.

Local On-Page Factors

On-page factors when doing local SEO for businesses is important because it is the source of most of the juice coming to your site. Content again is king here and you should try as much as possible to squeeze value out of it.

Ensure you add your region or city plus a well-researched keyword within the title tag of your landing page, your H1 tag, your landing page URL, your image alt attributes, as well as within the content of your landing page. You should also embed a Google Map complete with your business marker right onto your landing page.

Local link building and citations can help you get the authority that will propel your business to greater heights locally. Ensure you source links from high quality websites and see to it that you citations are mentioned exactly as they ought to be.

Why You Need an SEO Professional in Sri Lanka

Having gone through the above SEO knowledge areas, you could be thinking that SEO is as easy to implement as it appears on paper. For sure, nothing is too complicated to be understood and worked out, but dedicating hours to SEO could mean neglected core business areas. SEO consultants come in to bridge that gap and to help promote your efforts online. Because of their experience, search engine optimization professionals have the tools and the skill to analyze markets and competitors with an aim of positioning your business in a favorable spot online.

Whether you are a small business, a medium scale company, or a large conglomerate, SEO professionals can help you craft a personalized strategy that builds on each of your strengths and amplifies your opportunities so that you can excel in whatever niche you operate in.

Planning is one of the unique strengths of SEO consultants. They take time to understand your business objectives and priorities after which they put together a step by step path on how to take your business from its current position to where you want it to be. To make this successful, these professionals work with you as the client in every turn so that you can also own the process as well as the results.

If you prefer coaching for your staffs, SEO consultants in Sri Lanka can also do this either through online platforms or physical workshops. The beauty with having your staffs coached on how to approach SEO and online marketing is that they will be much more keen when assembling and distributing data within your organization. There is nothing as valuable as a vibrant internal marketing team that understands the bolts and nuts of SEO.

If you are looking to venture into online marketing or you want to enhance your online presence on search engines, you can get in touch with us and we will help you come up with an SEO strategy blueprint that will encompass everything your business needs to grow wings and fly into niche dominance and profitability.

2016 SEO Prediction from Boost Metrics

The year 2016 has seen the progress of SEO techniques including the following:

Mobile Optimization

This has been a highlight when it comes to the advancement of SEO techniques this year. It helps to achieve a faster website load speed on mobile devices.

Structured data system plan

You can also expect to see search engines adopt an advanced, structured data system plan, as the future of SEO is very likely to use structured data instead of an extensive amount of keywords.

Voice Search

This can enable consumers to access websites more efficiently. Unlike the traditional search method, this has proven to be able to produce very accurate results.

Merge with Branding

This allows you to do branding like never before. Boost Metrics is geared to craft an excellent strategy in order to help you make the most of this and obtain a higher ranking on Google.